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Believe it or not: You, the parent, are the biggest variable in whether or not this will happen for your child.

Do Not Make These Typical Sports Parent Mistakes:



A total and complete library of 27 easy-to-follow video lessons by one of the most experienced and knowledgeable youth sports parent experts.

Do things right on the front end before the season starts and you eliminate 50% (maybe more) of all problems most kids face during the season. 

Unless you are an experienced sports parent "you don't know what you don't know." This can end up affecting your child negatively in the long-run.


Before, during, and right after the game are the most emotionally-charged times sports parents are going to face.

Say the right thing - you are the greatest parent in the world.  

Say the wrong thing and it could be days of sulking or, in some cases, a loss of self-esteem and confidence.

Whatever you think you know about youth sports from when you played - you would do well to forget it all and start from scratch! 

Kids in sports today face higher pressure to commit, perform well, and to specialize even if they don't have great talent.  

There are multi-million dollar organizations out there (that all want your kid in their program) designed to tell you what you want to hear. 


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You see and hear the lack of confidence and self esteem from a bad game performance?

The coach gets rough with, calls out, or yells at your kid?

You are presented with a laundry list of expensive items to purchase? You know what is really needed and what isn't.

Your child says they wants to quit?

It's the most important time for youth sports parents - the car ride home?

Coaches or other parents tell you that your kid has amazing talent and that you should be doing this or that to develop it? (They usually have a hidden agenda behind their advice)

Your child is one of the least talented players on the team?

Your child says that you "embarrass" them?

You are asked to coach?

You notice that your child is truly afraid to make mistakes in competition?

UNCONDITIONAL No-Questions-Asked
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We're so absolutely sure that Aaron Lock's "How To Be An Outstanding Sports Parent" video training will ensure a tremendously positive experience for you and your child... that we're offering an unconditional, No-Question-Asked 60-day money back guarantee.

Does this training apply to all youth sports?

Yes, although some advice about team sports won't be directly applicable to parents of kids in individual sports like golf and tennis, usually the kids in those sports work with groups of kids (not unlike a team) and you have the same coach and other parent interactions.

How do I know this will work for me?

The only way this won't work for you is if you buy it and don't do anything with it. Even if you do that and ask for a refund, we'll refund you.

Can I watch the online videos on my smartphone, iphone, Android, ipad or other mobile device?

Yes, you can stream them live on any device that has access to the internet.

“Individual results may vary. Quotes are from actual customers and are reflective of their individual experiences. 

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Cindy, 10 years old, comes home one day from school asking her mom if she can try out for basketball. She wants to play on the same team as her two new friends she met this year in class.

Her mom, Kathy, is happy to see her daughter's eyes light up about something other than video games, ear piercing, and texting. She responds with a resounding "Yes!"

Kathy makes a few phone calls and finds out where to bring Cindy on try-out day.

Cindy is called out to the floor to perform some basic movements and it seems to Kathy she did all right...but something's amiss. 

The other girls get a lot more attention and are asked to do a lot more while Cindy waits to hear her name called again...which never happens.

Often uninformed parents put their child in the entirely wrong league or team...

Their kid sits on the bench most of the time and the parent feels powerless.

Moms try to over-protect and dads try to push too hard (or vice versa) and either creates destruction in confidence.

And what do you do when the coach is on the edge of being verbally abusive??

Are you prepared for potential injuries? Do you know how to spot an actual injury?

Do you know what to expect as far as expenses: travel, snacks, uniforms, etc.?

What's the best way to for a parent to handle game time situations that seem unfair?

Did you know there is a wrong way to cheer? 

Kids today have many significant differences than the last generation. Too many parents still think "That's how we did it when I was a kid and it worked for me!" (and it doesn't work for their kid, believe me).

What about your kid's special needs? Prepping them for practice?

The list goes on and being a sports parent is like walking through a field of land mines with your kid ready to explode any day with one wrong move!

Lock's program is a necessity for parents of kids under 14 and is like a Swiss Army Knife of tools for you. 

This is a complete system to guarantee your child will gain confidence and life skills through sports...while having a ton of fun doing it!

Set your child up for total success! It's easy with Aaron's step-by-step advice. 

Here's what's in it:

How to make sure your child is signed up for the right program so that they are a good fit for the teammates and coach.

3 items you absolutely must teach them before the season starts to prepare them for the difficulties youth sports presents. 

Get solid: learn what your responsibilities being a sports parent really are and know you are always doing the right thing.

Learn the correct way to praise your kid on and off the field to ensure confidence-building. Most parents do this wrong and it often creates fear.

There are many things an average sports parent is responsible for - just to do the minimum! 

Outstanding sports parents learn how to go above and beyond for their child. Aaron makes it easy and fun for you with his secrets.

Here's what's in it:

How to get in good graces with your child's coach in order to maximize their playing time!

The psychology of youth athletes at each of the age groups from Kindergarten to High School to know how to best motivate and inspire your child at each stage of development.

How to avoid the top confidence-killing parental mistakes that most parents would never think is a big deal.

Understand the time and travel commitment outstanding sports parents will face, with efficiency tricks to achieve them easily.

Fortunately, it's quite easy to follow Aaron's prescription and plan. You will practically be a child sport psychologist after this module...

The three most important things you can say to your child before every game to help them play their best, guaranteed.

How to teach your child the valuable lessons about competition in a healthy way that embeds the seeds of empowerment and success - for life!

You need to be an extremely informed consumer and do your homework before putting your money down. 

Your child's well-being depends on it. This module is your homework:

It's almost a given that, at some point, your child will express a desire to quit. You are going to learn exactly how to handle this very tricky situation for your child's long-term benefit.

Does your child have extraordinary talent?

You will learn how to best nurture and develop it to it's fullest.

Pre-Season Preparation

Parent Responsibilities

Game Time Support

Special Youth Athletes



Try-out day comes and Cindy is beyond excited on the way to the gym while Kathy is envisioning wonderful scenes of her daughter high-fiving her teammates, getting in shape, and learning commitment.

At the end of the "tryout," Kathy asks the coach what the next steps are and the coach answers: "We'll email you."


Discover a complete library of training for youth sports parents put together by one of the top youth sports experts in the U.S.


Has organized & coached over 130,000 kids in his programs over the past thirty years. 

Is the founder of the National Academy of Athletics.

Is a sought-after teacher conducting hundreds of workshops for coaches, leagues & parents. 

Has authored 4 youth sports books.
Has worked with and mentored by great coaches - John Wooden, Pat Riley, Dusty Baker, George Karl, Don Nelson.  

Was an NCAA referee for 11 years and today trains other referees. 

Has two children involved in sports

Learning resilience through sports is everything!

Understanding the mindset of different coaching styles and how to leverage that in your child's best interest.

A to Z - what to expect this season: expenses, equipment, uniforms, travel, food and extra league fees.

What you need to know and consider if you are asked to coach or be an assistant coach for your child's team (for you and your child's sake!)


"Aaron has a special way with children. He is an exceptional role model and his energy is quite contagious."

-John Wooden,
All Time Most NCAA Championships.

"Aaron is very perceptive to the needs and moods of the players, yet disciplined enough to give them direction and guidance."

-Pat Riley, 
5 Time NBA Championship Coach

"The clinics we ran with Aaron and his team were nothing short of incredible. His dedication and drive is what made it all happen."

-Dusty Baker, 
MLB Manager

"Here is the deal, Aaron gets it! His knowledge of the game is great but his ability to teach is even better. Kids love him."

-George Karl, 
NBA head coach with over 1,000 Wins


Practices: The key to standing out as a great sports parent.

Your child's special needs:
food, allergies, learning issues, experience, ability, etc.

Equipment: knowing the difference between needs and wants so you don't break the bank this season. (This section alone will probably pay for this entire training)

The one simple, yet very powerful lesson you need to give your child that will do benefit them the most - in the eyes of their coach.


Five simple things parents can do for their child to strengthen self-esteem whether they win or lose.

How to teach your child respect through: Rules, Officials, Coaches, Opponents, and the game itself!

Learn how and when to cheer for your kid to ensure confidence-building.

Most parents do this wrong, creating fear and embarrassment. 

How to deal with injuries and know the differences between serious problems and simple "hurts" that can create courage.

The best ways to handle conflicts with your child's coach and how to advocate effectively for them while garnering the coach's appreciation and respect. 


"I was unsure of how everyone would buy in to what Aaron was presenting. However I must say that he did it. I received very positive feedback from our coaches, players and parents. We are looking forward to taking the next step with Aaron next season."

-Amy McClinitock,
President - Redwood Pal Football 

"Aaron is, by far, the leading expert in youth sports for helping parents and coaches create the best possible environment for kids to flourish, discover their talents and resources and learn the life skills that they will need to lead a long and happy life. He is one of the few who gets it that what happens in youth sports sticks around a long time in a person's psyche. He is so creative and efficient with his methods and it obviously comes from his vast experience. If you care about your child at all, you have got to learn from this guy..."

-Craig Sigl,
Mental Toughness Trainer for Youth Sports

"Our program has over 3,000 participants each year. Aaron and his staff have been an instrumental part of our success for over 8 years. Aaron does an amazing job of presenting topics in a manner that is engaging, entertaining and really hits home."

-Judy McNeil,
Lafayette / Moraga Youth Association


What you need to know about how youth sport is completely different today than in the past.

What if your child has very little athletic talent?

Here's how they can still have an amazing time and learn powerful life skills.

Understand the differences between boys and girls sports and how to handle
co-ed sports.

Be prepared for the realities of your child wanting to play on serious teams that travel and/or play year-round.

Burnout: How to avoid one of the biggest problems in youth sports.

How to work with your child (and the coach) to make big decisions about when, how, where to play each season as their abilities progress.



If for whatever reason "Outstanding" does not satisfy you in any way, simply send us an email within 60 days from your purchase, and we'll refund the purchase price to you right away! 

No monkey business.

We will always refund your money. Give it a try. You have nothing to lose! We have eliminated all risk to you. 

Do you think a professional like Aaron Lock is going to risk his reputation by having even one person unsatisfied with a small purchase such as this? 

Not a chance. 

We know you will be extremely happy with this training.


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Pre-Season Preparation

Parent Responsibilities

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