Choking under pressure?

Scared to go against tough opponents?

Young athletes who don't believe in themselves?

Players who can't bring practice game to competition?

A player is in love with basketball, works hard on their skills and conditioning all week.

A player is coachable, works well with teammates and has a good basketball IQ

A player is smooth, aggressive, and dynamic in scrimmage and pick-up games.

And then comes the big game...

The player comes out of the gate missing the first few shots (or some other choke) and beats themselves up mentally. Their confidence takes a nose dive and that player you saw dominate in practice completely disappears!

Whether you are a player, coach or parent of a player, you've undoubtebly experienced this:


Player gets told things like:

"Keep shooting and you'll come around."

"Think positive thoughts."

"You just have to believe in yourself."

"Get your head in the game and focus"

Or, the coach pulls the player out of the game to try to "reset" the attitude.

Old school simplistic sports psych solutions like this that you find in a hundred old books on Amazon don't cut it, and worse...

The player goes into a mental tailspin because they now get the idea that "something is wrong with me" because the great advice they were just told doesn't work. 

In their mind it can't be because the advice is bad because it came from a trusted coach or adult.

Therefore, the player unconsciously concludes "I must be broken"

...and the seeds of a lifelong destructive belief system around "success" are now planted and begin to grow.

Each choke or mistake, like the previous example, is like water and fertilizer on that weed.

Of course, what you keep seeing is that the player continues to play decent or even great in practice but not in a meaningful real game, showcase, or tournament.


Sometimes they have it and sometimes they don't and this is usually determined by how tough the opponent is at any given game. 

If they think they are better than their opponent, then they might have confidence. If not, then no confidence, just tension, tightness and timidity.

At worst - performance anxiety that just keeps getting worse over time if left unaddressed.

This turns into life-long mental blocks to success.


Create a belief in the player about their ability to change nervous system reactions that currently interfere with their performance potential.

Build a relentless attitude through a full awareness of how their mind works. 

Teach them how to control their mental and emotional states.

Shift their identity from external praise to internal certainty about their abilities, talents and resources that are NOT dependent on temporary external feedback. (THIS IS TRUE CONFIDENCE)

Design relevant and specific “antidotes” to clear fear of failure, fear of success, and mental blocks.  

Deliver the “antidotes” to the control mechanism of the nervous system.

Give them a means to improve their skills and potential off the court, anywhere.

Inspire them through meaningful stories they emotionally connect to because they can RELATE to the messages at their own level of understanding.

Do not underestimate the last point above! 

You cannot give the same advice to a kid as you would an adult and expect them to understand it. I have learned this from working with hundreds of sports kids, in person, one on one going deep into their thinking patterns.

All of this leads to the real secret to inner change work that the player must accomplish:


This is a systematic process built into our training and it all begins and ends with this forumula:

As you can see, this NEW solution isn't your grandpa's old-fashioned advice like you see in those old sports movies...

Hard work isn't enough anymore. Everybody is working hard and the competition these days is insane!

Think about how basketball coaching, training and the game itself have changed over the last few decades due to increased competition. We have video analysis, devices, software, apps and crazy high tech wizardry to teach every last teeny detail about shooting a basketball and yet...



Coaches are totally ignoring the mental game altogether because if a player can't hack it, well, there's another one right behind them to take their place.

It's not your fault, hardly anyone is teaching modern mental toughness techniques because...

Players are totally expendable and if you can't hack it, you're out!
(or sitting on the bench)




For all basketball players from 8-18) who:  

  • Know that they have more ability, more skills, or more talent than has been actually showing up in competition...

  • Miss a couple shots, lose their shooting confidence, and get afraid to take the next open shots. 

  • Coach has been telling you that you need to get more aggressive or get some swagger. 

  • Are too nervous or even some shaking when shooting crucial free throws? 

  • Can’t let go of mistakes like turnovers or blowing coverage on defense or missing easy, open shots. 

  • Struggle to control their emotions and/or foul out way too often 

  • Feel like your window of opportunity, to get to the next level, is closing...this is for you! 

  • Young basketball players whose parents want their kids to learn powerful success and life skills through their love of playing this sport - courage, dedication, determination, and fearlessness! 


Your standard advice to "just think positive and believe in yourself" is just not enough anymore...

 It might have been enough in the old days before year-round basketball, travel     teams, and the extreme GLOBAL competition for scholarships these days.

This program is new and different because of two things:

I created this from 13+ years of working with athletes who struggle with the issues above. It is specifically designed to solve these problems.  

R.A.C.E. is R. Relentless A. Awareness C. Clear (the mental junk) and E. Emotional Mastery.

Through trial and error working with hundreds of athletes, I’ve identified these key components to transforming an athlete’s nervous system reactions that, up until now, nobody has consistently been able to shift like my RACE formula does.  

2. This program is specifically designed for all kids of all ages through high school.

Most all other mental game advice has been created by and targeted to the collegiate and adult athlete. It comes from studies using adult players - NOT THE KIDS.

From working one on one with hundreds of kids, in person, I have discovered that you can’t teach kids the same things and in the same way that you teach adults. (no-brainer, right?) Why does everyone ignore this?

Depending on maturity, kids 11 and under will do best if going through the training with a parent or adult to help them get the concepts and match them to their family’s values.  

This is an excellent parent/child bonding experience for parents with younger basketball players!! 


The Basketball Mental Toughness Training Program features 25 video lessons about 10 minutes each, designed to be watched in order. 

You can watch the videos on any device connected to the internet. 

The videos are broken down into 8 modules. 

Each video teaches a powerful tool that builds on the last one utilizing cutting edge, accelerated learning techniques.

In addition, there is an MP3 audio guided visualization that corresponds to each module that the player can download, transfer to their phone, and INTEGRATE the lessons directly into their central nervous system. 

The guided visualizations have the potential to DO THE WORK OF INTEGRATION FOR THE PLAYER subconsciously so the player doesn’t have to fully remember the lessons or training. 

The power of the lessons shows up automatically in their sports performance... and success in life!


Here's a typical story I have dealt with countless times...

A freshman basketball player contacted me telling me that he had lost his confidence and was at his breaking point with the stress and pressure of keeping up with trying to make and get playing time on his travel teams. He was about to try out for his JV team when we connected and I recommended he go through my Basketball Mental Toughness training program.  

Here’s what he wrote to me a few weeks later when I asked him how he was doing:  

"Hi Mr. Craig,

I finished the training and I'm more than confident in my own mental ability now. I just want to thank you for giving me this training right when I am at my most depressing point I must say, this is truly the best training I've ever had that just focuses solely on getting your mental mindset prepared to go beast mode on anything. I must tell you the truth tho, I didn't make the JV team.

The team is so stacked because of Junior's priority to get on the team for benefits of college application. Of all the 12 man roster, only 2 are sophomores and 1 freshman, so you know how bad the odds are against me when where's 40+ players trying out with only 2 practices to show what you've got. I guess if I had gotten this training a few weeks earlier before the tryouts I might stand even a better chance to join the team since my mental health would be at the all time highest. Now, I'm faced with new challenges of trying to hold my academics to a standard I set for myself.

I'm using your training program now to face another problem life and school hits me with. Like Rocky Balboa said "It ain't about how hard you hit, it's about how hard you can get hit, and keep pushing forward, how much you can take, and keep moving forward, that's how winning is done!!". With your program's help, I'm now having the best confidence and zero doubt to try and tackle whatever obstacles stand between me, and where I want to go. It's all about the minds, and I'm now prepared even better thanks to your help.

Johntesh Lin"

"With your program's help, I'm now having the best confidence and tackle whatever obstacles stand between me, and where I want to go." 

See what Roland has to say about this program and how it helped his performance...



Instead of the tired old cliches kids hear like: 'face your fears' and 'you’ve got to want it' and 'just get your head in the game'  

…this training is about going much deeper into the belief systems of these kids and transforming them at the cellular level.  

C. in the R.A.C.E. Formula is about Clearing out those mental belief programs that create nervousness and tension, negative thinking, being too hard on themselves, anger and all the other ways you see kids self-destruct and self-sabotage their talent and skills in competition.

Even worse, they bring it all home with them after the game making you and your family’s life miserable!

MODULE 1 - Beliefs, Potential, The Power Mind - How To Become Relentless (R. in R.A.C.E. Formula)

Power Tool - The 3-Step Process To Transform Yourself From Where You Are Now To YOUR DREAM... for Basketball or anything in life!

The deadliest problem basketball players have is that they have been dealing with the issues mentioned above for a long time.... and all the advice they've been given by their coaches and mentors has NOT done a darn thing to make a difference.

This crushes a player's spirit and motivation to do what it takes to succeed. In this module, players are given the keys to open the door to the transformation they must make at the level of the body's intelligence system. That's where the problems live and you must go there for any long-term change.

This module is absolutely life-changing and worth the price of the entire program by itself. 

MODULE 2 - Decision, Declaration, Motivation - Ignite Your Internal Fire!

Power Tool - Awareness (A. in R.A.C.E. Formula) Needed To Become Your Own Mental Coach

How to use the sequential power of intention, decision, and declaration to trigger your motivation mechanism at will.

Most basketball players are severely programmed to ONLY feel confident (The Peak Performance State) AFTER they have a good performance, such as making a couple shots in a row.  

Every person who ever plays this sport knows you play more aggressively and shoot better when in that confident, peak performance state (PPS).  

This module teaches you that you control ALL of the variables to create the PPS BEFORE you have a good performance, thereby dramatically increasing the odds of better performance!

MODULE 3 - Confidence, Concentration, Focus - Gateway To "The Zone"


Nikki Manchester, Everett WA

Parent of 16 year old basketball player

"He Had a Totally Different Attitude"

“Ron was lit up. He had a totally different attitude. He got 16 points…he was passing, driving it to the hoop, was talking more on the court and being supportive to the other players. Thank you so much.”

Daniel Garner, Seattle

17 year old basketball player

"Played Some Unbelievable Games..."

"After mental toughness training, I have played some unbelievable games. I accomplished career bests and was able to take over games at times. The result of this has allowed me to play basketball at the collegiate level earning a scholarship.”

Caitlyn Rohrbach, Seattle

19 year old college player

"Basketball is 90% mental and 10% physical"

"I truly believe this because my mental side of the game affected me way more than any physical barrier. In one session, you helped me break through this mental block and focus my effort on trying to master the game and have fun. I no longer evaluated myself based on how many points I scored, but rather on how much I improved and what I could do better. In return, I did start playing more consistent in all areas of the game."

MODULE 4 - Training, Practice & Goal Setting - Learning To Love Discipline!

Power Tool - Specific strategies to deal with nervousness and construct confidence from scratch.

In this module, we begin the process of learning how to fully control and manipulate your state. Your state consists of your automatic thoughts and emotions.

Ultimately, this leads to becoming fearless and courageous. We use stories of amazing athletes and the mental toughness trainer's own kids to illustrate the overall concept in the module:

MODULE 5 - Control Your Thoughts - Control Your Emotions!

Power Tool - Discovering that wins come from improving & executing skills

Youth athletes love to play their sport but don’t think of practice and training as much fun. Adults know that training is what makes champions.

In the process of going from “I have to go to practice” to “I love practice almost as much as the games” the young athlete also learns to seek out challenges instead of shy away from them.

The theme of this module is: Winners Win In Advance.

Power Tool - Technique to eliminate destructive self-talk and a tactic to let go of mistakes.

How many times have you caught a young athlete speaking out loud with negative self talk and you called them on it? All that does is drive that negativity inward. You just don’t hear it anymore but, trust me, it continues.

Now you don’t know what it is.  

Outward spoken negative self talk is a huge cry for help and most adults do nothing more than quash it and teach the kid to keep it inside where it festers and grows like a infection.

In this module we start getting serious about Clearing (C in the R.A.C.E. formula) out the mental baggage which is the SOURCE of the negativity.

MODULE 6 - Mental Practice, Visualization - A Lifetime Success Skill!

Power Tool - Guided exercise to maximize results and improve visualizing ability.  

As an adult, you know how powerful visualizing success is. BUT, you can talk until you are blue in the face to a kid to visualize their success in advance and it’s completely useless unless you do this:  

Convince them that spending the time and energy is WORTH IT to them!

Learning my specific techniques is actually the easy part for kids. Getting them to actually do it is the hard part. They just don’t see the benefit connection like they do with physical practice. To them, it’s too subtle or vague and so they may tell you what you want to hear when you talk about it, but do they really do it? Nope.

I discovered through trial and error how to get the kids to make the connection to the benefits of a regular visualization practice and I deliver it directly to them in this module.  

Next, the way most people teach “visualization” or mental practice actually turns off about 30% of all athletes. Why? Because that is the percentage of people in the population who are not very visual! They can’t do it the way standard sport psych teaches and so they quickly give up on it.  

I give them permission to do it THEIR way within some specific guidelines. Put those two ideas together and they will ACTUALLY DO IT!

MODULE 7 - How To Be Fearless

Power Tool - Ninja mind trick to use during the game in high pressure situations.

This module delivers quite possibly the most powerful transformation opportunity for young basketball players… that not only keeps them confident throughout the game, but goes with them for life.  

It alone is worth more than the entire training itself for the lifetime success beliefs instilled NOW as a youth athlete - through basketball - something they are highly interested in.

Get this…

FEAR is the #1 Interference to all performance potential. By far.  

Fear of failure is the #1 fear basketball players struggle with that tightens their body up and paralyzes them from utilizing their trained and natural talents.  

You are not going to hear the tired old cliches about “facing your fears” and “embracing your failures.” I tried using that early on in my career with limited success. Instead, I’ve developed a 2-step process to C. CLEAR out fears from an athlete’s subconscious belief system.

The core of this module: We go to the heart of fear of failure and fear of rejection in this module and we destroy it! That’s the E. Emotional Mastery in the R.A.C.E. formula. 

MODULE 8 - Winning, Determination & Heart

Power Tool - 3 inspirational basketball players stories to help an athlete find their fire!

The sports world is filled with success from players who weren’t as talented as others...smaller than others...regularly overlooked by coaches...then went from being the underdog to the superstar!  

Every player has the ability to perform far better than they think.

The player discovers the key to making this happen and the true value of the game of basketball...loving the journey and  working hard toward a goal.  

>> The player also learns in this module that you don’t win more and play better by TRYING to do so. 

Much has been written about The “Flow” state. It is simply where there is no interference to a player’s performance potential. It's when the player is simply executing what they know and have been trained to do.

Basketball players play a unique sport where it is much easier to slip into “The Flow” due to basketball being fast-moving and dynamic. This module delivers specific strategies to do this on command after having cleared their interference.



And lastly, but most importantly, the pièce de résistance….there are 8 Guided Visualization sessions in the training. One for each module. This is what I meant by I do most of the work for you!

The reason why everything you’ve done to try to help your player have consistent confidence hasn’t worked is this:  

You must integrate new learning into the control mechanism of the nervous system!

Most coaches and sports parents do not understand this integration piece of the puzzle and I don’t blame them. It took me years of working with these kids to figure it out myself.

All athletes do this for physical skills naturally, through repetition of physical movements, right? Drills, practice and reps.  

That’s how you go from learning a new skill such as a proper shooting technique, to having it actually show up automatically in competition, without thinking! Everyone knows this for the physical game.

But nobody does this for the mental game like I do in this program.

In short, the key to automatic performance is:


The Guided Visualizations integrate head knowledge into the body.

In these guided visualizations, I’ve covered everything I run into in working with countless youth athletes. Your player can download these .mp3 files and put them on their phone and use them anywhere. That makes it very convenient for them to get their mental reps in JUST LIKE PHYSICAL TRAINING…and you already know the value of reps, don’t you?

The perfect antidotes to these kids performance interference patterns are built in. They just plug in and let me guide their inner mind from my experience and expertise in solving their typical negative thinking and performance anxiety problems just like I’ve done hundreds and hundreds of times before.

It can’t get any easier for them!

They are going to come out of this programmed to be R. Relentless.

They are going to have the knowledge and A. Awareness to be their own mental toughness coach whenever they run into difficulties and adversities in their sport…

They are going to C. Clear their mental baggage, and

They are going to have E. Emotional Mastery through the process.

…for the game and for ALL ASPECTS of their LIFE! Relationships, Academics, Future Career, and Deep Personal Self-esteem. 


When I started working with youth athletes back in 2004, I had no idea how the youth sports world had changed since I was a kid. I got a crash course in year-round sports, travel teams, kids afraid to lose their friends if they don’t make teams, the global competition and resulting pressure for college scholarships, coaches pressuring kids not to play for anyone else, etc.  

The more I got inside these kids heads, the more I discovered the inner destruction that was really going on that they are afraid to tell anyone. Believe me, if you hear some negativity or see expressions of emotions in youth athletes, trust me, it’s 10x worse inside them than what you hear/see.

I seemed to have a connection with these kids from my own difficult experiences as an undersized athlete myself. When I was a kid, I was picked on, bullied, and felt left out quite often. I could easily relate to them and discovered how to talk to kids as young as 7 years old who were struggling and then things took off as parents began telling their friends and teammates about their successes with our work together.    

"My Confidence Just Shows On The Court."

As seen on

Flash forward a few years and my work started getting noticed by various media: The Seattle Post Intelligencer newspaper, NBC’s Evening Magazine show, numerous radio shows, blogs and youth sports organizations and then I fully embraced the title of Mental Toughness trainer for youth athletes.   

I have also worked with many adult athletes as well and in that process, really noticed the difference in how I assisted them vs. the kids

Here’s the kicker….I realized through working with hundreds of adults how their difficulties were almost always traced back to struggles they had as kids! I thought to myself, “What if I can prevent kids from forming these destructive beliefs and patterns using something they are highly motivated to work on: their sport?”

My mission was born and continues to this day.


Listen...I was charging $200 an hour for years in working with youth athletes and very few people ever balked at my rates when we talked. Basketball parents are dropping hundreds, even thousands on travel tournaments, showcases, camps, instructors, etc. I mean good basketball shoes alone are going for 4x more than the investment in this program!!  

This program is the culmination of years of trial and error, over $100,000.00 worth of investing in my own training, and about a year of my time to put it together in an online format. I have been told that I should price it at least half of what parents have paid for working with me in the past, $400. Today, I charge $500 an hour if you want to work with me and I’m very selective about whom I will work with at that.

BUT, I am more interested in reaching as many people as possible with this program…average families who truly can’t afford much and so you have a very unique opportunity right now to take advantage of my proven, very powerful system for 6 hours of my best stuff - Real Value -. $3,000.00.

Your investment? A fraction of that at US $149.00.

Really, this is a no-brainer unless you haven’t read the rest of this page.

$149.00 USD



Let’s talk about a Guarantee - From me to you, right here, You have an iron-clad 100% money-back guarantee that you will be beyond ecstatic with the results you will get with The Basketball Mental Toughness Training program which opens the door to a young athlete's greatness. 

Everything in the program is built on our systematic R.A.C.E. Formula technology derived from our work with thousands of youth athletes worldwide.

You have 60 days to get a full refund. No questions asked.

I am that confident about this. I know for a fact that the only way you won’t get your performance and confidence outcomes for your basketball player is if you don’t use the training.


Brandon Lukacs - 15, Enfield CT.

Hey Craig,

Just keeping you updated on how things are going.

When I first got into your basketball training program, I didn't take in as much. But I learned about mantras. I had a game that same day and made my mantra "play basketball." Keep in mind I'm a 15-year-old sophomore that's the starting point guard on varsity. So anyway, we were playing a great team, only two guys on their roster were below 6'0. I used that mantra and finished with 15 points, which is expected of me. I only turned the ball over ONCE. That one simple thing made a huge difference. I just finished another game tonight, and it was a team that was beatable. Before the game, I watched the videos you advised for me. I came out fearless and ready to play. Sadly, we lost by 6. I finished with 13 points. This would've been my teams first win in YEARS. Even though I didn't have as much points as the game before, I hit a pull-up three and an and-1 layup in the 4th quarter under pressure. That fearless mindset I obtained helped me play my game under pressure to put us back in the game. I've only absorbed a small portion of your program, and I'm already reaching expectations. When I dig into the program more, I'm confident that I'll EXCEED expectations. The first half of the season I averaged 3.5 points. The second half I'm averaging around 14. Your program has helped me a lot so far and I can't want to watch every video. I'm confident you'll help me reach my full potential. I'll keep you updated.


"When I first got into your basketball training program, I didn't take in as much. But I learned about mantras..."

2 Weeks Later...

Just letting you know I've had 43 points in the last three games because of your program. Now, story time, haha. There are two high schools in my town, Enfield High and Fermi High. Fermi never beat Enfield in basketball in HISTORY, and I happen to play for Fermi. Next year, we are combining schools and I'll be a junior. But, for the last game of this season, we are playing each other for the last time in Enfield, CT history. The Fermi gym is going to be LOADED with my peers. Your videos have helped me much but any tips for my specific situation?

Thank you so much.


"I've had 34 points in the last three games because of your program."

Then an amazing transformation happened... 

"This was the first game I felt great about myself and that happened..."

Hey Craig,

I listened to the module 7 guided visualization twice before my game last night. I felt great. But unfortunately, two minutes into the game, I heard my hip pop. I was done for the rest of the game. This was the first game I felt great about myself and that happened. I have two games left, Tuesday and Thursday, and Thursday is the rivalry game I was telling you about. Hopefully my hip heals before then because those visualizations made me feel on top of the world. *

Thanks, Brandon

10 Days Later...

Hey Craig,

I listened to the module 7 guided visualization twice before my game last night. I felt great. But unfortunately, two minutes into the game, I heard my hip pop. I was done for the rest of the game. This was the first game I felt great about myself and that happened. I have two games left, Tuesday and Thursday, and Thursday is the rivalry game I was telling you about. Hopefully my hip heals before then because those visualizations made me feel on top of the world. *

Thanks, Brandon

"I proved them wrong. I showed them what I was able to do when confidence was on my side."

Father of 13 Year Old Player

Hi Craig,

It's been a few weeks since we talked and I wanted to update you on my son, Trevor. He finished the 8 week program and I told him that anytime he can go back and watch/listen to the segments that he thought helped him most.

As I told you before, I have been taking him through the winter to play pickup with adults and older kids a couple of nights per week. The last couple of weeks I've noticed bigger strides of improvement. Then tonight before we head down there, he tells me he's going to score 20 points.

Well, he ended up scoring 22 points. He played phenomenal defense. Had a few steals. And one kid fell down two different times trying to guard him. Also clapping for and encouraging his teammates when they made a good play.

It was by far the best I've ever seen him play. He was focused and beaming with confidence. Body, mind and spirit were all firing in unison.

On the way home he told me he couldn't wait for the spring league I signed him up for next month. I was so happy for him to see all his hard work begin to come to fruition. What a great life lesson. Craig, this kid has worked his ass off on drills and moves in the driveway and in our basement for well over a year. I'm talking 5-6 days a week going hard. I even see him watching/studying Michael Jordan and Kobe on YouTube from time to time. And all of this without yet being on a real team. Plus he's a straight A student. Unbelievable.

The only thing I have to nudge him on is taking days here and there to not think about basketball at all. So to maintain a balance and sharpen the saw.

I really think your program has helped him get over the hump and I sincerely thank you!

I'm excited to see what's ahead.

Mike Jensen

"I was so happy for him to see all his hard work begin to come to fruition. 

What a great life lesson. 

Craig, this kid has worked his ass off on drills and moves in the driveway and in our basement for well over a year..."

From The Mother Of An 11 Year Old Player

"I am a firm believer in positive thinking and you say it in such a kid friendly way.

I think youth coaches should be required to take your training!"

Hey Craig,

Thank you so much for your support. Brandon came off of every call excited and motivated. It has been between basketball seasons so he has only played in two games since starting the calls but in both of them I could see improvement. He used skills I haven't seen him used in a long time. Games are picking up now so I will give you an update in a few weeks.

I am a firm believer in positive thinking and you say it in such a kid friendly way. I think youth coaches should be required to take your training!*

Paula Calia East Windsor NJ

$149.00 USD

“Individual results may vary. Quotes are from actual customers and are reflective of their individual experiences. 

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Performance = Potential - Interference 

The young basketball player also finishes integrating this most powerful concept through the videos in this module: 

Winners Win In Advance

1. This program is built on my R.A.C.E. Formula methodology